[Snort-devel] Feature request: isdataat ability in specific (preprocessor) buffers

Joel Esler jesler at ...402...
Thu Nov 7 07:30:49 EST 2013

On Nov 6, 2013, at 3:03 PM, L0rd Ch0de1m0rt <l0rdch0de1m0rt at ...2499...> wrote:

> Hello.
> Joel, this may have been fixed in recent versions but based on our previous thread ("Touched by a proxy: thoughts on urilen?"), urilen isn't useful for proxy environments --
> https://lists.emergingthreats.net/pipermail/emerging-sigs/2013-February/021487.html 

Yup, understood.  Thanks!

Joel Esler
AEGIS Intelligence Lead
OpenSource Community Manager
Vulnerability Research Team, Sourcefire
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