[Snort-devel] preprocessor drop packets issues

Han Zhang zhanghan0116 at ...2499...
Fri Dec 6 20:04:59 EST 2013

Hi all,

         I'm currently writing a Snort preprocessor, which tries to drop
packets before it goes to the detection engine and triggers any rules. I
tried function Active_DropPacket(); but it doesn't work.

         I attached my code here, for test purpose, this code just drop all
the HTTP packets. I could see output "Got a packet", which means this
preprocessor was called. But it did not drop any HTTP packet. Was I using a
wrong function to drop the packet? Any comment is appreciate.

static void Detection(Packet *p, void *context)

    TestConfig *entropy = NULL;

    LogMessage("Got a packet\n");
    sfPolicyUserPolicySet (entropy_config, getRuntimePolicy());
    entropy = (EntropyConfig *)sfPolicyUserDataGetCurrent(entropy_config);

    /* Not configured in this policy */
    if (entropy == NULL)

    if(p->sp == 80)

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