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Tue Aug 27 08:16:29 EDT 2013


You can do pretty much everything you want with Snort. It's really up to
you to decide how, where, and why you would like to deploy Snort. You might
want to consider Alienvault to help you to manage multiple sensors.

I suggest you:

   - Decide what role snort is going to play.

   - Are you thinking of deploying snort in all 1800 systems?
      - Do you want Snort to record traffic?
      - Is snort used as a sensor to report to something else?
      - please read the following article on deploying snort on large
      - Intrusion Detection on a Large Network  [

hope this helps.


On 21 August 2013 12:52, farshad taebi <farshad_taebi at ...398...> wrote:

> hi
> im searching for a solution in my organization
> for intrujen detection systems
> but our network are 4 department and about 1800 end user.
> can snort run as distributed? I know that snort has some mojule,can it run
> on multicore systems?
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