[Snort-devel] Is Snort the right choice for our company?

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Mon Apr 29 10:47:51 EDT 2013

On Apr 22, 2013, at 5:46 AM, Adam Dahrén <adam at ...3400...> wrote:

> I’m studying to become a Data Safety Engineer and I’m doing my internship for a company that wants me to start with
> Implementing a system that stops users in the network to download torrents, because this slows down their network
> On a daily basis.
> I’ve read about Snort and I’m seeing this as one way to do it. They want it to be more efficient than to just block certain
> Ports, they want it implemented, like an in-line server, in the network. Could Snort help us on the way, or how would
> That work?

Snort deployed in inline mode could help mitigate the problem yes.  However, this is a development list, I'd ask you to submit questions like these any follow ups to the snort-users list.

Joel Esler
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