[Snort-devel] snort reload not working in Snort

Guido Hungerbuehler guh at ...3369...
Thu Apr 4 08:42:27 EDT 2013

Hi everybody

I just made a test with Snort where I realized that Snort can 
not be reloaded anymore with:

kill -SIGHUP <pid>

The error message in the log is:

<1d>Apr  4 14:38:05 xyz snort[9213]: Reload via Signal Reload does not 
work if you aren't root or are chroot'ed.
<1d>Apr  4 14:38:07 xyz snort[9213]: Snort exiting

I am wondering why it does not work anymore since this works totally 
fine with Snort

Thanks for any feedback


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