[Snort-devel] Myricom 10G + Snort x 4

David Browning warcraft.fool at ...2499...
Mon Oct 29 13:07:13 EDT 2012

Hello, I am using a Myricom 10G card with Snort and I am trying to run
Snort in parallel using taskset.  I am able get tcpdump to correctly run in
parallel but for some reason when I run Snort in parallel only the first 2
instances of snort do any processing (and only their share).  So for 8
instances of Snort only the first 2 instances do anything (regardless of
what affinity I set to them) and they only process 1/8th of the total
packets each.  I have verified that both programs are using the correct
libpcap that came with the card.  Any ideas?
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