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Brandon Castel bcastel at ...3121...
Fri Oct 12 15:10:52 EDT 2012

Hi all,

We've noticed that using byte_test doesn't seem to advance the relative
pointer in the way we'd expect and were wondering if this was by design
behavior or a bug (the docs don't discuss the relative concept in any
depth as far as I can tell)

Here's a contrived example of what we're noticing

Against this (hex) data - 05 64 16 21 AB CD 11 22 CC CC AA A1 0D
We write a rule with the following body (ignore for conversation's sake
that we can write the 2nd and 3rd as contents and avoid this whole mess)
Content:"|05 64|";
byte_test:1,>,7,0, relative;
byte_test:1,=,0x0D,10, relative;

This rule will fire, but notice that the offsets of the three byte_tests
are are relative to 0x0564 and not each other. In the simple example
that's not a big deal, its all fixed offsets so we can just adjust our
numbers a bit and it all works out. The problem is when we'd like to do
more complicated things, for example we have a signature we want to
write which reads two variables from a packet at fixed offsets from the
header, does a simple calculation on them (2a + b + 6) to find the
offset of some bytes further down the packet.

We had *hoped* to solve this by combining byte_extract and byte_test
kind of like this:
byte_extract:1,0,variableA,multiplier 2;
byte_test:1, ^, 0xff, 6;
byte_test:1, ^, 0xff, variableA;
byte_test:4, >, 0xAABBCCDD, variableB; #our actual test goes here at
relative offset variableB

The idea being we're taking advantage of the fact that doing a logical
OR with 0xff is always true so we force the relative pointer to where we
want it in stages. We want 2A + B + 6, so we move it 6, then 2A then B

Any thoughts (or alternative solutions) guys?

Brandon Castel
Vulnerability Researcher

Wurldtech Security Technologies
Suite 1000 - 1090 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7

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