[Snort-devel] Snort forwarding/redirecting traffic based on alert

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Check this I have developed it before a while and it do the same as you ask about, so it directs the traffic to a honeypot machine this for rules which have alert as action but with certain level of priority number which is changeable by the user.
Please check it here and feel free to add anything to this work because unfortunately I have stopped developing it.


"Mr. Qoheleth" <qoheleth26 at ...2499...> wrote:

Hello all,

I am relatively new to Snort and wanted to do some development using Snort.
 My goal is to put Snort in-line with the network as an IPS.  I would like
to forward (or re-direct) traffic matching pre-set rules to a certain
computer or IP (say honeypot address or something like that) and then
traffic that does not meet any of my alert rules, I would like to direct it
to a different system (say another system handling my external routing out
of the network.)  Do you know of a way to accomplish this?

i.e. Is there a way, using Snort to inspect network traffic and re-direct
traffic based on various alert/rules/signatures?

Thank you sooo much for your expertise!
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