[Snort-devel] redBorder IPS Presentation

Jaime Nebrera jnebrera at ...2499...
Wed Jul 4 03:36:45 EDT 2012

Hi list members,

I would like to take the opportunity to present redBorder IPS, a new 
Ruby on Rails based Open Source project around our venerable Snort.

redBorder IPS is a self contained Linux distribution with two different 

As a Manager provides the following capabilities in a centralized manner:

    * Event view and storage, based on Snorby with a few enhancements
    * Hierarchical management of multiple sensor configurations (basic
      networking services, basic Snort configuration) based on Chef with
      our own recipes and web front end
    * Very powerful rule management system (configuration, inheritance,
      updating, multiple feeds, ...)
    * SNMP monitoring for generic system capabilities (CPU Load, RAM
      usage, ...) as well as specific Snort parameters (Alerts, KPPS,
      CPU, ...)
    * Advanced user management with roles, inheritance, auditing, ...

As a Sensor provides the following capabilities:

    * Customized and hardened CentOS 6.2 system with all needed packets
    * Latest Snort & pf_ring versions
    * IPS mode running on top of pf_ring with specific performance
      enhancements and capability to drop packets within pf_ring itself
    * New IDS Forwarding mode running on top of pf_ring reflecting the
      packets at kernel level and sending a copy to Snort maintaining
      the capability to drop packets within pf_ring
    * IDS mode running on top of clustered pf_ring
    * In all cases, we have sponsored the enhancement of Snort DAQ to be
      able to analyze multiple segments from the same Snort instance and
      load balance between all available cores, thus granting better
      hardware usage
    * Support for Bypass (Fail to wire) cards from Silicom

We would like to thankSourcefire <http://www.sourcefire.com/>team 
forSnort <http://www.snort.org/>, Dustin Webber forSnorby 
<http://www.snorby.org/>, the seed we needed to accomplish in time our 
daunting task, Luca Deri and Alfredo Cardigliano fromntop.org 
<http://www.ntop.otg/>for their great job porting DAQ to the latest 
pf_rinf and some performance and clustering enhancements,Opscode 
<http://www.opscode.com/chef/>team for Chef andSilicom 
<http://www.silicom-usa.com/>team for their support and experience 
managing their great cards. Without all of them this project would not 
have been possible.

Of course, we would also want to give a huge thank you toProduban 
<http://www.nextel.es/?lang=en>, the two sponsors of all of the 
developments done up to now. Without them, and without their approval to 
release this contributions to the public this project would not exist.

All of this is freely available for registered users at project 
website,www.redborder.net, and we hope to have the new DAQ available at 
snort.org and ntop.org sites in the following days.
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