[Snort-devel] var PKT_TIMEOUT in sfdaq.c

Michael Altizer maltizer at ...402...
Wed Feb 29 17:22:31 EST 2012

On 02/29/2012 05:00 PM, Guillaume Daleux wrote:
> Hi all,
> We had some problems with snort and snort daq which use 100% of 
> processing power. After debugging, we saw that our system had a lot of 
> call to poll function.
> The function poll (call in daq) set with a default snort parameter 
> (PKT_TIMEOUT = 1000) is called everytime and didn't respect this 
> timeout of 1 second (maybe heisenbug because only one printf removed 
> this problem).
> We want to ask you, why this parameter is set to 1000 ms and not -1 ? 
> The poll function is called to wait packets so why the snort daq uses 
> a timeout and not directly value -1 which would block until a packet 
> arrive ?
> Can we patch snort and change PKT_TIMEOUT to -1 ?
> Thanks for your answer.
Snort does certain "idle work" (see snort.c:SnortIdle()) each time the 
DAQ acquire call returns.  If you made the call fully blocking, it would 
only return in the case of an error/signal/breakloop, and that code 
would not execute [often enough] when the packet rate is too low.

I do not know why the timeout was being ignored in your case, which 
seems to be the real issue.  You have not mentioned which DAQ module you 
are using.
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