[Snort-devel] initial Patches for compiling snort 2.9.2 and daq 0.6.2 on solaris

Luis luis.mlists at ...2499...
Thu Feb 9 16:09:32 EST 2012


Attempted to make 'patch' files to compile snort 2.9.2 on Solaris
(Sparc).   attached.

did a brief test of uncompressing the original tar file, applying the
patch, configure and gmake.  it seems to work. (had to exclude the
Makefiles and other files that get changed by the build process.   also, I
did not compile with --enable-ipv6 by the way. (not yet)...

also, to compile the daq, here's a patch (also attached) of a small config
change made to compile daq-0.6.2 as well..

Is there a way to incorporate this into the build process for snort?

Please let me know if the patches are in the right format..

I plan to also (eventually) compile on solaris x86, time permitting...

hope it helps someone.. :)

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