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Sun Feb 5 00:57:25 EST 2012

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 02:45:05PM -0500, Joshua Kinard wrote:
> On 01/23/2012 11:18, Joel Esler wrote:
> > Just let everyone know what we've done as a result of this conversation.
> >  We've put in a couple of bugs to track this/these issue/issues and we're
> > going to evaluate what we can do to satisfy the requirements/opinions
> > stated here.  I'll follow up with this thread when we make progress.
> Slight deviation in topic, but have you guys ever thought of making Snort's
> internal bugzilla (or other such issue tracker) publicly-accessible?  I
> imagine there's some things you guys want to keep to yourself, and most
> ticketing systems should have a "developer only" bit in them.
> Might help better manage comments/ideas/bugs/patches from the community if
> we can file those into a ticket tracker and then get CC'ed when updates happen.

Followup to this.  We had a bugzilla system.  It seems that no one ever used it.  It's different from our internal bugzilla system that we actually commit code with and annotate.  So I made the decision to kill it.  Reason being, most bugs and feature requests are submitted through the bugs[@] email address.  I handle all the bugs that come into the system through the community anyway and provide feedback to the reporters when I know more.  I think to have a bugzilla system public would be the same thing, another system for me to log into and move the bugs to our internal system, and vice versa.

I thought about encouraging the devel team to use the public system, but we can't as things affect product as well, as don't have a public product system as not all of our code is open source.  

So I think the way the community has been submitting bugs up to this point is working for us just fine, I see no need to make another process for people to deal with, both externally, and internally.

 Joel Esler
 Senior Research Engineer, VRT
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