[Snort-devel] how to release a Snort IPv6 plugin?

Joel Esler jesler at ...402...
Sat Feb 4 21:12:40 EST 2012

On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 11:24:49PM +0100, Martin Schütte wrote:
> Hello,
> are there best practices to publish a Snort plugin? In particular for
> getting a GID and possibly an SID range assigned? Or even to
> contribute a new module to Snort?

Okay, so there are two ways to go about this. 

#1 -- you release it on your own, pick a high GID and SID range that we wouldn't use any time soon, and you go on your merry way as an additional plugin.
#2 -- You gives us the code for possible incorporation into the Snort tree.  The way that works is that you sign over all Copyright to the code to Sourcefire, and we attribute it back to you.

Joel Esler

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