[Snort-devel] request for changes to compile snort in Solaris

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Thu Feb 2 10:04:45 EST 2012

Yes, I concur with your opinions, but I haven't quite given up yet.. :)

snort used to compile cleanly up to version 2.8, but since 2.9, it has had
many issues that apparently have not been solved yet.   not sure if that is
because there are very few people running on solaris, or  like the link
posted, people just fix their problems but don't ask to make the changes
incorporated into the snort build.

I've got snort 2.9.2 running on sparc on a test system and am going through
'tuning' the new features right now...

the problem is not only with snort, by the way, barnyard2 also has it's
issues (sent an email to the barnyard2 list, but haven't gotten any
feedback yet).  so until I can get it compiled, i'm still using old, crusty
barnyard  which seems to do the job.

unfortunately, going away from sparc/solaris is not an option for us at
this time, so we'll keep on trying...


Thanks for the comment.


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 5:15 PM, Castle, Shane <scastle at ...3143...>wrote:

> I am not one of the Snort developers, but I have some experience and an
> opinion on this topic, so here goes.
> I could not get earlier versions of Snort to compile correctly on Solaris.
> Period. If it successfully finished the make process, the resulting file(s)
> would not run correctly. So, I don't run Solaris any more.
> YMMV but I gave up.
> --
> Shane Castle
> Data Security Mgr, Boulder County IT
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> Subject: [Snort-devel] request for changes to compile snort in Solaris
> Howdy:
> just went through compiling snort 2.9.2 for solaris sparc and wanted to
> make a request to make the necessary changes so that 'configure' will work.
> as you can probably deduce, I'm no developer... googling found this link..
> http://bookmarklust.blogspot.com/2011/11/snort-2912-on-solaris-10x86.html
> followed the instructions (to add #include "sf_types.h" to a bunch of
> files..)  and it seemed to work..   compiled  and created a binary.  :-)
> is there a way that this can be done with autoconf?   (configure) on
> solaris?
> thanks.
> Luis
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