[Snort-devel] Snort 2.9.4 Now Available

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Mon Dec 3 23:24:02 EST 2012

Just a query. Few months back it was declared in list about major changes coming in 2.9.4.

And it was also mentioned that it will be declared soon.

However looking changelog, I am not sure if it is so.

So I just wanted to know, for upgrade from 2.9.3 to 2.9.4:

1) Is there much change in snort.conf (or any config file) that I have to consider?
2) Is unified log still compatible with current barnyard2 and BASE?
3) Is upgrade process documented anywhere? If so, please share the link.

In short if I am using snort, barnyard2 and BASE. Do I have to care for any changes?
Or I can simply recompile and upgrade to 2.9.4 from 2.9.3?

Thank you



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>Snort 2.9.4 is now available on snort.org, at
>http://www.snort.org/snort-downloads/ in the Latest Release section.
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