[Snort-devel] 'only_stream' (and other alternate decode buffers) do not write out data to the logs

Joshua.Kinard at ...3108... Joshua.Kinard at ...3108...
Fri Oct 7 03:08:29 EDT 2011

Hi snort-devel,

I think I've found another bug.  There have been times when I wanted to
dump a Stream5-reassembled packet back out to the log files to inspect
it in Wireshark, and when using 'flow:established,only_stream;', all I
get out is a 24-byte file, which is just the pcap header, but no data.
I later discovered the same is true when using other decode buffers,
such as b64_decode_depth in the SMTP preprocessor and 'file_data;' in a
rule -- the alerts write out a 24-byte file and nothing else.

Is there a solution/workaround for this?  Or where in the code can the
function for writing out pcap data be found?



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