[Snort-devel] [PATCHES] Fixes for daq_nfq

Kelvie Wong kwong at ...3121...
Tue Mar 22 20:42:13 EDT 2011

Hey Russ,

On March 22, 2011 04:51:49 PM Russ Combs wrote:
> Are you using the latest Snort?  The NFQ DAQ was recently changed to return
> the IP4 or IP6 flavor instead of RAW because Snort determines the layer 3
> protocol from the layer 2 header, and in this case there is no layer 2
> header.  Returning IP4 or IP6 allows Snort to work with either.
Yeah, I'm using Snort; I think the main problem is that this value is 
being handed over to libpcap, in the pcap_open_dead line.  If you feed it 
DLT_IPV4, it will set its link layer type to -1, as it does not recognize it.

>     if (!ScTestMode())
>     {
>         pcap_t* pcap = pcap_open_dead(DAQ_GetBaseProtocol(),
> DAQ_GetSnapLen()); data->dumpd = pcap ? pcap_dump_open(pcap, data->logdir)
> : NULL;
>         if(data->dumpd == NULL)
>         {
>             FatalError("log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file \"%s\": %s\n",
>                        data->logdir, pcap_geterr(pcap));
>         }
>         pcap_close(pcap);
>     }
>  pcap_open_dead is being called with DAQ_GetBaseProtocol, which takes the
> value from nfq_daq_get_datalink_type.
>  The problem is that nfq_daq_get_datalink_type now returns DLT_IPV4 or
> DLT_IPV6 instead of DLT_RAW (as it did in 0.2). According to the pcap
> manpage (http://www.tcpdump.org/pcap3_man.html) it supports neither of
> those values.

This causes the error when pcap_dump_open is called, as this error message 
shows (it's a pcap error message).

>  ERROR: log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file
> "/var/log/snort/snort.log.1300810527":
> /var/log/snort/snort.log.1300810527: link-layer type -1 isn't supported in
> savefiles

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