[Snort-devel] [PATCHES] Fixes for daq_nfq

Kelvie Wong kwong at ...3121...
Tue Mar 22 19:39:42 EDT 2011

Hey Russ,

Sorry it has been a while; I have finally gotten a chance to update Snort/DAQ
again for testing.

I haven't found the time to set up the test bench to reproduce the crashing
issue; however, I have found another bug.

DAQ 0.5 doesn't seem to work with the version of libpcap I'm running; in this

    if (!ScTestMode())
        pcap_t* pcap = pcap_open_dead(DAQ_GetBaseProtocol(), DAQ_GetSnapLen());
        data->dumpd = pcap ? pcap_dump_open(pcap, data->logdir) : NULL;

        if(data->dumpd == NULL)
            FatalError("log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file \"%s\": %s\n",
                       data->logdir, pcap_geterr(pcap));

pcap_open_dead is being called with DAQ_GetBaseProtocol, which takes the value
from nfq_daq_get_datalink_type.

The problem is that nfq_daq_get_datalink_type now returns DLT_IPV4 or DLT_IPV6
instead of DLT_RAW (as it did in 0.2). According to the pcap manpage
(http://www.tcpdump.org/pcap3_man.html) it supports neither of those values.

As a result, log_tcpdump outputs the error message:

ERROR: log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file "/var/log/snort/snort.log.1300810527": Success

whenever snort is started with the NFQ DAQ module. (I start it like snort -vv -c /etc/snort.conf -Q --daq nfq)

I'll also recommend doing something similar to the following:

diff --git a/src/output-plugins/spo_log_tcpdump.c b/src/output-plugins/spo_log_tcpdump.c
index a24a410..d061e37 100644
--- a/src/output-plugins/spo_log_tcpdump.c
+++ b/src/output-plugins/spo_log_tcpdump.c
@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ static void TcpdumpInitLogFile(LogTcpdumpData *data, int nostamps)
         if(data->dumpd == NULL)
             FatalError("log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file \"%s\": %s\n",
-                       data->logdir, strerror(errno));
+                       data->logdir, pcap_geterr(pcap));

As it gives a better error message in this case; errno wasn't touched by this
error. With this patch, I get the error:

ERROR: log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file "/var/log/snort/snort.log.1300810527": 
/var/log/snort/snort.log.1300810527: link-layer type -1 isn't supported in savefiles

Anyways, this is my workaround:

diff --git a/os-daq-modules/daq_nfq.c b/os-daq-modules/daq_nfq.c
index 87cbf6d..d4f736b 100644
--- a/os-daq-modules/daq_nfq.c
+++ b/os-daq-modules/daq_nfq.c
@@ -634,8 +634,7 @@ static uint32_t nfq_daq_get_capabilities (void* handle)
 static int nfq_daq_get_datalink_type(void *handle)
     NfqImpl* impl = (NfqImpl*)handle;
-    int dlt = IP4(impl) ? DLT_IPV4 : DLT_IPV6;
-    return dlt;
+    return DLT_RAW;
 static const char* nfq_daq_get_errbuf (void* handle)

Just wanted to let you know,

On December 9, 2010 09:33:19 AM Russ Combs wrote:
> Have you tested with DAQ 0.3?
> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 4:31 PM, Kelvie Wong <kwong at ...3121...> wrote:
> On November 2, 2010 01:08:36 pm Russ Combs wrote:
>  > Too bad NFQ is so buggy.  Any idea when this fails and when not?  Is it
> > 
> > certain traffic?
> I am not quite sure. Mainly I have been testing this with a nmap scan of
> the TCP ports; this also happens for a storm of TCP packets as well. I
> hadn't tested this against other types of traffic, prior to apply this
> patch.
> > If this happens always or never, for a given run of Snort, the patch is
> > reasonable.  If it is every other packet, we may be better off just
> > adding the smallest delta possible to the timestamp to keep them
> > sequenced.
> For the type of traffic I had tested (I placed printf statements inside
> there), it was every single packet, and not just some of them.
> > The freeze scenario should be eliminated with daq 0.3.  Can you verify
> > that?
> I do not have a test bench set up right now, but I may be able to get a few
> tests in later after I have exhausted my other committments.
> > The early exit is a little different.  Does this indicate a permanent
> > error?  Can you elaborate on the conditions?
> > 
> > The errors were presumbed permanent and Snort exits to avoid consuming
> > excessive resources.
> I have attached a packet capture that can reproduce it every single time on
> one of our hardware configurations -- I have not tested it elsewhere.
> Packets are still queued normally from NFQ after nfq_handle_packet returns
> an error. Snort exits at around the 1000th packet.
> As I have mentioned earlier, I don't have a test environment set up
> currently (nor the time to set it up), so I'm terribly sorry I can't be of
> more help right now.

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