[Snort-devel] Help !!

Yandry ypozo at ...3152...
Mon Mar 7 12:53:02 EST 2011

Hi for every body !!

I 'm a student of Cuba that long ago I use the snort (and snort mailing list) to sniff and I love the programing(C/C++/Java/PHP/Asambler/);
and right now I 'm reading the source code of Snort for know how to work and use it like a strong IDS and I have TWO BIGS PROBLEMS :

First : when I do "apt-get install snort" of my repo the installer ask me for my interface but when I  enter my interface (eth0) it say that is wrong when eth0 is my interface, I use Ubuntu 10.04
 what can I do ?

Second : where I can download a manual that describe the source code of Snort ? 'cause I need save my        time and I would like to develop.

Thank you for this mailing list...


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