[Snort-devel] blacklist file for reputation processor

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Thu Jul 21 15:24:22 EDT 2011

There is a somewhat experimental IP blacklist available at
http://labs.snort.org/iplists/, updated on a daily basis. Those IP addresses
are things that are touched by the VRT's malware farm - and while we've done
some basic whitelisting (i.e. google.com's IP shouldn't show up in there),
simply importing those lists and blocking them wholesale would probably be a
bad idea. I would suggest cross-referencing those lists with other IP
reputation blacklists available on the Internet.

Sourcefire is examining more "turn-key" list solutions for the future, but
for the time being this experimental list is all we have available.

2011/7/20 김무성 <kimms at ...3084...>

> Hello list.****
> I saw that release snort-2.9.1 RC.****
> There are some new function that added. It’s awesome.****
> One of them, ip reputation processor, it’s good idea.****
> ** **
> But important thing is a blacklist. Real blacklist.****
> Is there a blacklist which sourcefire provide to public?****
> Where can I get this list?****
> ** **
> ** **
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