[Snort-devel] segmentation fault in Snortsp-beta3 version

Gopiraj Annamalai agopiraj at ...2499...
Fri Jan 21 00:12:15 EST 2011


I am trying to add nfq support in snortsp-beta3 version.

As given in the code,the packets are added to the queue using  the function
"add_traffic_to_queues" and it is received by analyser through  the function
"acquire_traffic".I printed the packets in both the functions after putting
to queue(in add_traffic_to_queues) and at the "acquire_traffic" function.
In "add_traffic_to_queues" function,the packets queued are fine.But in
"acquire_traffic", the packets are not received properly from
queue.Sometimes same packets received two or three times
consequently.Sometimes packets are lost or incorrect.But the length of the
corresponding packets is correct.Only the content of the packet changes when
compared with packets(while adding to queue).
Because of this problem,"segmentation fault" coming in the execution of the
The code is working properly  with "pcap" ,but with nfq only problem
comes.Also if i enabled the "enable-single-thread" option in configure,is it
working nicely.With multi-threaded with nfq,this error comes.

If anyone tell me what is the reason for this problem.If any solution is
there,tell me...

Thanks in advance.

With regards,
A. Gopiraj
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