[Snort-devel] compile options

Crusty Saint saintcrusty at ...2499...
Wed Jan 5 08:44:12 EST 2011

For compiling snort on CentOS el5
i've used

./configure --enable-dynamicplugin --enable-static-daq --enable-ipv6
--enable-zlib --enable-gre --enable-mpls --enable-targetbased
--enable-decoder-preprocessor-rules --enable-ppm --enable-perfprofiling
--enable-linux-smp-stats --enable-inline-init-failopen --enable-pthread
--enable-ppm-test --enable-active-response --enable-normalizer
--enable-reload --enable-reload-error-restart --enable-react
--enable-flexresp3 --with-gnu-ld

from posts i've read here and there i'm no longer sure this is a realistic
way of compiling snort, does this configuration line impose any direct
limitations or problems with using snort ?
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