[Snort-devel] compile options

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Mon Feb 7 16:29:27 EST 2011

I am trying to re-compile Snort on a MacBook Pro, adding features so 
that I may do see more traffic et al.

It seems the Snort Manual and the INSTALL readme lack some of 
the options below, is there somewhere on the Snort.org site they are listed?
Otherwise consider this a request to update.


William Barr
> Can you be more specific about which options those posts are
> referring to that are no longer realistic?  The only one that
> I can think of that might be missing is --enable-ipv6.
> -s
> On 1/5/2011 8:44 AM, Crusty Saint wrote:
>> For compiling snort on CentOS el5
>> i've used
>> ./configure --enable-dynamicplugin --enable-static-daq --enable-ipv6
>> --enable-zlib --enable-gre --enable-mpls --enable-targetbased
>> --enable-decoder-preprocessor-rules --enable-ppm --enable-perfprofiling
>> --enable-linux-smp-stats --enable-inline-init-failopen --enable-pthread
>> --enable-ppm-test --enable-active-response --enable-normalizer
>> --enable-reload --enable-reload-error-restart --enable-react
>> --enable-flexresp3 --with-gnu-ld
>> from posts i've read here and there i'm no longer sure this is a realistic
>> way of compiling snort, does this configuration line impose any direct
>> limitations or problems with using snort ?
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