[Snort-devel] Cross compiling dynamic preprocessors cannot resolve _dpd

Ron Brash ron.brash at ...2499...
Wed Dec 21 13:42:47 EST 2011

I had a working copy of Snort with all preprocessors using a couple
of Openwrt makefile hacks, but now I am unable to get a single dynamic
preprocessor to load.

As it stands:

* Snort 2.9.2 Compiles and runs
* DAQ 0.6.2 Compiles and appears to be working fine

Running Snort with a single preprocessor returns:

"Loading dynamic preprocessor library
/usr/local/bin/snort: can't resolve symbol '_dpd'"

I have Openwrt LDflag set with -static option and ./configure is set to
disable-shared and enable static.  It appears to be a linking problem.  I
am using GNU Make 3.82 and Fed 16 x64.

Do you have any ideas or can put me in touch with someone?  We plan on
releasing this version + compiling patches into Openwrt contrib.

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