[Snort-devel] Wayne Chang is out of the office

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Mon Dec 5 11:31:19 EST 2011

I neither use a OoO message nor a vmail message when I am gone. There have been recorded instances of burglars using this info, for one thing, and of course as you point out.

With modern cell technology I won't even miss email messages, unless I go off grid a ways (which I try to do when camping - gotta get away from the leash every now and then).

Shane Castle
Data Security Mgr, Boulder County IT

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Wayne Chang wrote:
> I will be out of the office starting  11/28/2011 and will not return until
> 12/09/2011.


You might want to tell your co-workers to be extra vigilant while you're
out. Advertising to the world that the security guy is gone for over a
week is absolutely insane.



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