[Snort-devel] Dynamic-preprocessor and util functions (for e.g. sfghash)

snort user snort.user at ...2499...
Wed Aug 10 18:19:02 EDT 2011

Hi all -

I have a question about the recommended way to reuse the functions
that is present in snort - in the dynamic preprocessors. Consider
sfghash. This is currently in src/util and snort is linked against
this. But dynamic-preprocessors do not look there. If a dynamic
preprocessor needs to use the hash functions, what is the recommended
I see that certain .h and .c files are copied to
src/dynamic-preprocessor/include. That is mainly for the #include's.
In this case, would it require us to copy the sfghash to the relevant
directory of the preprocessor and compiled/linked as necessary?

Thanks for your opinion.

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