[Snort-devel] How to compile a Dynamic Preprocessor alone?

Russ Combs rcombs at ...402...
Wed Apr 20 11:48:43 EDT 2011

Sorry for the late reply; I wanted to see why the dynamic_example directory
didn't work for but got sidetracked.  Still haven't had time to look at

Re the Makefile.am issue, if you change Makefile.am, you must rerun automake
and then configure.  That will automatically create Makefile.in and Makefile
for you.

2011/4/15 Thomas LESTRIEZ <thomas.lestriez at ...3158...>

> Hi all,
> Thank you Russ for your DPX package, it was exactly what I needed.
> By the way, there was only one little mistake for me: "build.sh" looked for
> "sf_dynamic_preproc_lib" in the "dynamic_example" directory, but actually it
> should be the "dynamic_preprocessor" directory in the Snort sources.
> BUT I still have one bug I need to fix. For using your package with my
> sources, I need to modify "Makefile.am". But I think I have to modify
> "Makefile.in" too. In my case, I used my dynamic preprocessor (called
> "my_test.c") which use two others files: "my_test_lib_1.h" and
> "my_test_lib_2.h").
> The error generating during the building (thanks to "build.sh") tell me
> there is no rule to build "my_test.lo", which is needed by "libmy_test.la"
> I replaced libdpx.la and dpx.c in Makefile.in. Moreover, I added
> "my_test_lib_1.h" and "my_test_lib_2.h" next to  "my_test.c"  in
> Makefile.in.
> I also modified Makefile.am as indicated in "README".
> Could you help me again to fix this error?
> Thank you.
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