[Snort-devel] using snort for 10Gbps traffic rate

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Can the snort2-9 package be used for protecting 10Gbps traffic rate without need 
to use parallel snort sensors and breaking (splitting) traffic between them? Can 
a single snort engine handle this rate? If yes, so still with the assumption of 
no limitation in hardware and simplest configuration, how many rules 
approximately can be enabled to handle this rate with acceptable packet drops 
rate, acceptable CPU usage,…?
The reason that I insist on this topic is because what I found in documents and 
papers about snort performance and its supported rate, all were about less that 
1Gbps and there were some solutions to develop a hardware accelerator for it to 
support 10Gbps rate.
Thank you very much for your helps.

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On Tue, 5 Apr 2011 07:37:38 -0700 (PDT), d a wrote:
> I know that sourcefire has a product for this purpose but that is a 
> commercial product while what we want to do is not a commercial 
> project it's an experimental and research project and as far as I  
> know sourcefire is using another generation of snort (3D) for their 
> appliance not exclusively snort2-9  software.

The Snort that is on a Sourcefire appliance is the same Snort that you 
can download from snort.org. There is no "special Snort".

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