[Snort-devel] using snort for an IDS/IPS appliance

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I know that sourcefire has a product for this purpose but that is a commercial 
product while what we want to do is not a commercial project it's an 
experimental and research project and as far as I  know sourcefire is using 
another generation of snort (3D) for their appliance not exclusively snort2-9  

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Hi every body,
>We have a pilot project to develop a primary appliance for 10 Gbps IPS/IDS. We 
>want to use snort-2.9 as its detection engine and there is no limitation in 
>hardware features (RAM: 24GB or more if is needed – CPU: Intel core i7 965 or 
>more if is needed ….)
>Now, there is an elementary question: Can snort be used for 10Gbps traffic rate? 
>I know that snort performance depends on hardware features, number of enabled 
>rules, preprocessors,… . But with the assumption of the simplest state, no 
>limitation in hardware, using just signature based detection, how many rules 
>approximately could be enabled to reach protection of 10 Gbps traffic? 
>I have no idea about the possibility of using snort for this rate of traffic, 
>but if it’s impossible in any way, do you think developing a hardware 
>accelerator for pattern matching unit of snort or using multi snort sensors and 
>breaking traffic between them can solve this problem?
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