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Tue Nov 30 19:19:01 EST 2010

All --

This is a "pre-release" announcement for Snort version  This is a
bug-fix release for the Snort 2.9.0 tree.  The following issues are
addressed in this version:

[*] Improvements
 * The HTTP Inspect "server_flow_depth" option is now applied once per
   HTTP session, instead of once per packet. This will improve performance
   by causing less packets to be inspected.

 * Fixed an issue with the handling of TCP urgent data.

 * Fixed an issue with using file_data:mime within shared library rules.

 * Fixed an issue with TCP reassembly of single packets

I'd like to call attention especially to the first and last items above:
The first, is a performance increase in the http_inspect preprocessor.
The last, an issue with the TCP reassembly of single packets was an issue
brought to us by Eoin Miller.  (Thanks Eoin!)

Keep an eye out for this release!

Joel Esler
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