[Snort-devel] Pipelining and flowpinning

Jonathan Saint-Léger tan.saintleger at ...2499...
Thu May 20 05:53:54 EDT 2010


I am working on Snort optimization and I am aware that Snort 2.X versions
don't handle multi-threading, and it should be one of the big steps for
Snort 3.0.
However, I saw some very interesting papers:
http://download.intel.com/technology/advanced_comm/31431201.pdf and
http://download.intel.com/technology/advanced_comm/31156601.pdf from intel
about pipelining and flowpinning.
Does anybody know if it Is possible to reproduce the pipelining and
flowpinning trick on a Snort 2.X release?? Or were these tests done with a
beta Snort 3.0 release?

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