[Snort-devel] Rule parser rejects content matches longer than depth but doesn't for within.

Will Metcalf william.metcalf at ...2499...
Wed Mar 17 22:26:14 EDT 2010

It is good that the snort rule parser rejects cases where content >
depth.  It would be cool if it did the same thing for cases where
content > within.



#test 11 content with invalid depth modifier this is handled properly
with error The depth(2) is less than the size of the content(3)!
#file allworkandnoplayplain.pcap
alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:"content with depth where match is
longer than depth GET"; content:"GET"; depth:2; classtype:bad-unknown;
sid:11; rev:1;)

#this will never match but is accepted by the rule parser as content
is 3 > within 2
alert tcp any any -> any 445 (msg:"dce_iface over smb with byte_jump+
relative";  byte_jump:1,67,relative; content:"|00 00 38|"; within:2;
sid:137; rev:1;)

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