[Snort-devel] Linking custom dynamic-preprocessor

mbahe_suro at ...3099... mbahe_suro at ...3099...
Wed Jul 21 12:30:20 EDT 2010

Hello all, I am developing a kind of dynamic-preprocessor in Snort 
I put the sources in new folder : src/dynamic-preprocessor/ann. 
Since I'm still unfamiliar with GNU Build System, I don't know what
makefile should I write or edit. 
Then, I found this in mailing list archive :
That's almost exactly what I wanted, so I followed the instructions.
After that, I ran "./configure". It ran smoothly without errors.
But later I found that there was no Makefile generated in my
dynamic-preprocessor folder. 
I thought there was something I had missed. So, I tried running
Then, I got error :

error: this file was generated for autoconf 2.61.
You have another version of autoconf.  If you want to use that,
you should regenerate the build system entirely.

FYI: I'm using Mandriva 2010.0 with autoconf 2.65.
Can anyone here tell me what should I do, so I can compile my
dynamic-preprocessor with just ./configure && make?
Should I downgrade my autoconf to 2.61?
Thanks a lot.

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