[Snort-devel] difference between pt_mpo_hash and pt_mpxo_hash in PortTable

邓伟锋 deng.0318 at ...2499...
Fri Jul 16 12:39:59 EDT 2010

hello everyone,
     now, I don't understand that when creating PortGroup structure for
every PortObject2, we use the field pt_mpo_hash  hash table of PortTable
structure(in the file fpcreate.c, function fpCreatePortTablePortGroups()),
code as follow:
 for (node=sfghash_findfirst(p->pt_mpo_hash);  //p->pt_mpxo_hash   what do
the comment means?
        node=sfghash_findnext(p->pt_mpo_hash) ) //p->pt->mpxo_hash

 but when distrubuting  the PortGroup to ports, we use another field
pt_mpxo_hash(in the file fpcreate.c, function fpCreateInitRuleMap())
  for( node=sfghash_findfirst(src->pt_mpxo_hash);
        node=sfghash_findnext(src->pt_mpxo_hash) )

could anyone tell me this difference? thank you!
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