[Snort-devel] so_rules broken makefile or bad tarball

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...835...
Wed Jan 13 23:40:08 EST 2010

I've tested both the VRT paid tarball as well as the registered users
tarball, attempting to build the so_rules from source.  There appears
to be some brokenness in the definition of the files variable in
looking for files that match the library name, only followed by an
underscore and some other characters.  To explain further, and provide
an example, in the VRT paid tarball, there aren't any source files or
header files matching web-activex.  In the registered rules tarball
one can find web-activex.{c|h}, but nothing that will match the shell
glob web-activex_*.c .

Am I missing something or are the tarballs missing files and/or the
Makefiles broken?



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