[Snort-devel] RegisterRuleOption from 2.8.5.x to 2.8.6

Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz luis.daniel.lucio at ...2499...
Mon Apr 26 16:12:15 EDT 2010

I have realize that new proto is now:
void RegisterRuleOption(char *, RuleOptConfigFunc, RuleOptOverrideInitFunc, 
RuleOptType, RuleOptOtnHandler);

i'm porting snortsam patch, i did have
 RegisterRuleOption("fwsam", AlertFWsamOptionInit, NULL, OPT_TYPE_ACTION);

I'm seeing that most of the plugs like the pcre set a NULL in the 4th param. 

RegisterRuleOption("pcre", SnortPcreInit, NULL, OPT_TYPE_DETECTION, NULL);

 Is that okay for snotsam? cause i dont find any example on a output-plug



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