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Sat Oct 3 11:19:49 EDT 2009

Ok, can someone explain this;


The Snort.org site is telling Windows users this:


"Note to Windows users: If you're downloading Snort binaries the only
requirements are WinPcap <http://www.winpcap.org>  and Barnyard."


I've received a lot of comments asking where to find, and how to implement
Barnyard for Windows.


As far as I know this has neither been explained or documented for Windows.
Is this statement just wrong and misleading to this group of users?


Please someone, guide me to the answer. I'd like to see some sort of
documentation on implementing Barnyard on a  Windows install.


If I've missed something I do apologize.


Note: The Code Craft Consultants beta of Windows for Barnyard does not work.


Kindest regards,



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