[Snort-devel] Which RBAC profile could run snort on Solaris.

Jason Zhao Jason.Zhao at ...2994...
Mon May 4 01:07:02 EDT 2009

Hi, experts,

I am trying to port snort to OpenSolaris, and there is one question
I am not quite understand. On Solaris, every utility has it own RBAC
to control the privilege from security points of view. But for snort,
I am not sure which RBAC privilege could work for snort utility. I tried
some users and roles(such as adm, dladm, postgres, zfssnap", neither could
work. So only "root" could run snort utility so far.

Could anybody tell me what the profile and auths should be given to
snort utility in order to run snort utility on OpenSolaris.


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