[Snort-devel] barnyard2 beta supports all Snort output plugins, but one.

firnsy firnsy at ...3030...
Sat May 2 04:30:46 EDT 2009

G'day All,


We've just released a beta of barnyard2-1.5 which should cover a lot more
setups than previously possible.


What does that mean? Well given the large amount of refactoring that has
occurred in the spooler it is now MUCH easier to maintain and convert Snort
output plugins to work with barnyard2. Now all snort plugins but one
(alert_sf_socket) are integrated. 


The new plugins are: 

    1. spo_alert_arrubaaction

    2. spo_alert_full

    3. spo_alert_prelude

    4. spo_alert_unixsock

    5. spo_csv

    6. spo_log_ascii

    7. spo_log_null

    8. spo_log_tcpdump


Not all plugins have been tested as we don't have enough test environments
to give them a good soaking. All feedback (good or bad) is welcome :)


- firnsy



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