[Snort-devel] remote syslog patch

Elazar Broad elazarb at ...891...
Fri May 1 14:45:17 EDT 2009

 Here is a small patch for snort on 2.8.4 as well) that will enable snort running on *nix to send syslog messages to a remote syslog server. I know that this has been discussed before and the general consensus is to either forward syslogd or use syslog-ng, however, in my case, I run splunk on the same box as snort, and splunk listens on a port other than 514. For some strange reason, writing this patch seemed easier that reconfiguring my box to use syslog-ng, don't ask, I don't know why. Anyhow, here it is. The patch adds a new configure option of --enable-remote-syslog which in turn adds REMOTE_SYSLOG to CFLAGS. Once patched, you will be able to use the win32 syslog configuration format of host=sysloghost:port. 

Some caveats:
1. The patch ONLY supports IP addresses for host, one of these days I will add the dns lookup code.
2. If you are using snortsam, patch snort with snortsam FIRST, run autojunk and THEN patch snort with this patch.

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