[Snort-devel] About 64-bit snort binaries

Steven Sturges steve.sturges at ...402...
Thu Mar 5 08:42:36 EST 2009

Hi Jason--

That option is not required if your compiler builds 64bit
by default.  If you read the comment in configure.in just
prior to the checks for that option, it has to do with
allowing 64bit builds on machines where the compiler does
32bit by default.

On 64bit linux systems, you don't have to use that configure
option to get a 64bit binary with gcc.  I don't have a 64bit
Solaris system handy to play with, but if you notice, all it
does is add -m64 to the CFLAGS.

There isn't anything specific in Snort that is relying on
32 vs 64 bit.  Pointer sizes would change.

The only real restriction is that the Snort binary and
the shared libraries must be the same (64bit or 32bit),
otherwise data structure sizes will likely cause a core
or other bus error.


Jason Zhao wrote:
> Hi, All,
> I am trying to build snort on Solaris. On configure script,
> it provides a option "--enable-64bit-gcc" to build 64bit
> snort and its plugin libraries. Through the test, the 32bit
> snort could work on Solaris very well. I am not sure about
> the difference with 64bit binary and 32bit one. Right now,
> I assume the plugin libraries(e.g., snort_dynamicengin) will
> use some 64bit feature, i.e., it is required to use 64bit
> plugins or 64bit snort binary on 64bit OS.
> Do I understand right?
> Great Thanks
> Jason

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