[Snort-devel] Are there any test suite for snort?

Jason Zhao Jason.Zhao at ...2994...
Fri Oct 24 02:31:02 EDT 2008


Jason Zhao wrote:
> Hi, All
> I am just going to use the snort on my workstation which is running 
> Solaris 11.
> After building, it generated the binary "snort" and related library 
> smoothly.
> Then I tried it, it seems like the binary could on on Solaris correctly.
> BTW: I downloaded the latest build
> But I haven't given it a try whether all the functions are OK or not, 
> since I am a newbie
> to snort and almost have no idea about the binary. So my questions is: 
> Are there any test
> suite in this community that I could download and run, and it will 
> tell me if all the functions
> it supports are all OK or not?
> Great Thanks
> Jason

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