[Snort-devel] React with InlineMode

Giacomo Tesio development.comunications at ...2499...
Fri Oct 17 04:05:13 EDT 2008

Hi Steven! Hi list!

Here is the patch we have done with the manual page attached...

We have tested a bit in these months, but 'till the next year, we have no
time to integrate in the production environment (sysadmins time missing...).

BTW, I'd like to get some comments to the code or suggestions for additional

Thanks you all!


Here is the patch

2008/6/10 Steven Sturges <steve.sturges at ...402...>

> Hi Giacomo--
> Yes, please send patches to this list.
> There should be a number of developers interested to see your work,
> as well as comment on additional features or recommend changes.
> Cheers.
> -steve
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