[Snort-devel] getting error while building snort-2.8.1 about asm

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Tue May 27 04:52:18 EDT 2008

Hi All,

when i am trying to build snort-2.8.1 on HPUX IA platform with gcc 4.2.1 , i am getting error like 

 snort.c: In function 'ExitCheckStart':
snort.c:1364: error: impossible register constraint in 'asm'


the macro which is giving error is 
#if (defined(__i386) || defined(__ia64) || defined(__amd64) )
#define get_clockticks(val) \
{ \
    u_int32_t a, d; \
    __asm__ __volatile__("rdtsc" : "=a" (a), "=d" (d));  \
    val = ((UINT64)a) | (((UINT64)d) << 32);  \

and " asm " defination is given in cpuclock.h as 

       mov dword  PTR [t],eax;
       mov dword  PTR [t+4],edx;

Can you help me how to solve this issue.

I tried it with aCC also , but i was getting errors related to get_clockticks macro which is defined in cpuclock.h and used in snort.c

Thanks in Advance,

Jaipal Reddy.

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