[Snort-devel] about BPF filter for snort

Jerry Zhang jerry3558 at ...2499...
Sat May 24 23:56:41 EDT 2008

hi guys,

I am trying to use BPF filter in the snort (snort ..... -F bpf_file).

My bpf_file is like this:

(host or
(host or
(host x.x.x.x) or
(net 192.111) or
(net 192.112) or
(host y.y.y.y)

Everything works fine if the number of rules is small, for example the
number of rules is 10.

However, when the number of rules increases a lot, for example, when the
number of rules is 20,000, I got the error message as:

ERROR: OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed:

I tried to aggregate some of the rules from "host" to "net" but it does not
reduce the number of rules a lot because of my application requirement.

So my question is that:

1. How can I solve this problem by configuring snort?

2. Or is there any way to solove this problem by configuring the System? (I
am using ubuntu)

Thanks for your help.
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