[Snort-devel] Snort Security Platform 3.0 Beta Now Available

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Mon Jun 30 21:21:58 EDT 2008

The Snort Security Platform 3.0 Beta is now downloadable at:


Please take a look at the readme and release notes, try out the files, 
and send us any feedback at sspbeta at ...2780...

> We’re pleased to introduce the Snort Security Platform (SnortSP) 3.0 
> Beta, our first beta release built on the new Snort 3.0 architecture. 
> The Snort 3.0 architecture consists of two primary components: a 
> software platform called the Snort Security Platform (SnortSP) 3.0, 
> which is shipping in beta form in this release, and traffic analysis 
> engine modules that plug into SnortSP. This beta test release contains 
> one engine module which contains the Snort 2.8.2 detection engine 
> implemented as a SnortSP engine module.
> SnortSP is an open-source platform for running packet-based network 
> security applications. It provides many of the common functions required 
> by programs that deal with packet processing such as configuration 
> loading, event generation and traffic logging, data acquisition, 
> protocol decoding and validation, flow management, and more.
> Major features:
> * Shell-based user interface with embedded scripting language
> * Native IPv6, MPLS and GRE support
> * Native support for inline operation
> * More subsystem plugin types such as data acquisition modules, decoders 
> and traffic analyzers
> * Multithreaded execution model
> * Performance increases
> The purpose of this beta release is to allow people to get exposure to 
> the technology and to use the code in real-world environments - and as 
> an opportunity to solicit feedback on the design and user experience of 
> the new Snort code.
> All feedback on the beta should go to sspbeta at ...402...
> Happy Snorting!
> The Snort Release Team

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