[Snort-devel] Need help in getting barnyard and Snort to work together

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Wed Jan 30 18:37:17 EST 2008

Hi folks,

Thanks for the great support in getting Barnyard to work.    I am almost
there! :-)

I have been using this resource:

1) I managed to install Snort+BASE+PHP+MYSQL.
2) Verified that Snort is working by using Metasploit.
3) Changed snort.conf to make Snort output in unified logging mode.
With metasploit running, the size of alert and snort.log file increases. So,
I am guessing unified output mode is also working.

4) verified that banyard is able to take info from snort.log file. command
line works:

barnyard -c /etc/barnyard.conf  -s /etc/snort/sid-msg.map -g /etc/snort/gen-
msg.map -p /etc/snort/classification.config -o snort.log.1201695424

BASE picks up this alert/log

Now, I need to get barnyard in continual mode working.

1) Should Snort be started first or barnyard?
2) As I noticed, each time Snort is restarted, the log file name changes.
For example, snort.log.1201695424 to snort.log.12016923232.  Why?  Change in
log file name implies that barnyard.waldo needs to change every time there
is a reboot, making configurations unstable.
3) What can be done to get Snort to stop changing the names of the log

Can you tell me what I need to do from here to be able to automate Snort and


 and it outputs in unified logging mode.
2) I checked that Snort
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