[Snort-devel] [Weasel] Public Beta

Thomas.Seiler at ...2736... Thomas.Seiler at ...2736...
Tue Nov 20 13:15:34 EST 2007

Hello World!

After nearly two years of learning, we eventually found the courage to
the first public beta of Weasel free.

What is it?
It is (yet another) web-based analysis console for Snort. The most
features are:
- own Snort output plugin 
- reworked DB scheme
- usability / ease of use
- logging as well as GUI performance

Where is it?
http://weasel.sf.net for the code. The discussion takes place here:
http://weasel-friends.org. There's also an online demo for the curious
with little time on their hands.

Why should I care?
You don't. BUT, we'd loved to get some more people involved, unbiased
feedback and, honestly, we believe you're gonna like it!

Kind regards,
Weasel Dev-Team

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