[Snort-devel] Adding more check on offset in byte_test keyword {snort280}

rmkml rmkml at ...879...
Thu Nov 15 14:01:57 EST 2007

on snort v2.8.0 (and previous), ByteTestParse() on 
detection-plugins/sp_byte_check.c not check offset size !
Joigned little patch for add this check.
recompiled and tested without rules/snort error.

example new error check :
  alert ip any any -> any any (msg:"test"; byte_test:1,>,0,1000; )
before new check, this second example not error:
  alert ip any any -> any any (msg:"test"; byte_test:1,>,0,10000000000000000000000000000000; )

Please Credits to Crusoe Researches
Best Regards
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