[Snort-devel] IP Option Router Alert Wrong Value

Jeffrey Denton dentonj at ...2499...
Sat Jul 7 20:36:02 EDT 2007

In snort-2.7.0.RC2/src/decode.h:

    #define IPOPT_RTRALT         0x14

This is equivalent to decimal value 20.  However at
http://www.iana.org/assignments/ip-parameters, RTRALT is listed as
having a decimal value of 148.  The confusion starts with RFC 2113:


    The Router Alert option has the following format:

                 |10010100|00000100|  2 octet value  |

         Copied flag:  1 (all fragments must carry the option)
         Option class: 0 (control)
         Option number: 20 (decimal)

It would appear that the value for the Router Alert option is 20.
However in RFC 791:


     The option-type octet is viewed as having 3 fields:

          1 bit   copied flag,
          2 bits  option class,
          5 bits  option number.

All 8 bits are used to determine the IP option type value.  Examples
from RFC 791:

   Loose Source and Record Route

        |10000011| length | pointer|     route data    |

      Strict Source and Record Route

        |10001001| length | pointer|     route data    |

The IP option type value for Router Alert (RTRALT) should be 148
decimal.  The fix is to change decode.h to:

    #define IPOPT_RTRALT         0x94

This bug also affects snort-

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